Westmeath: Like the Middle Child, But Wester!

by | 13 Apr, 2023 | County History

Ah, Westmeath. The county that always seems to be overshadowed by its more well-known siblings, like Dublin, Galway, and Kerry. But don’t be fooled by its middle child status – Westmeath has plenty to offer, and being in the west is definitely best!

Westmeath: The Middle Child of Ireland

Westmeath is often overlooked in favor of its more famous neighbors, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less interesting. In fact, being in the middle of the country gives it a unique perspective on both the east and the west, and it’s an ideal base for exploring the rest of Ireland. From the stunning Lough Ennell to the vibrant town of Athlone, Westmeath has something for everyone.

Of course, being the middle child does have its drawbacks. It can feel like everyone is paying attention to your older and younger siblings, while you’re left to quietly do your own thing. But Westmeath has a quiet confidence about it – it knows what it has to offer, and it’s happy to let the others do their thing while it quietly goes about its business.

Westmeath: Why Being in the West is Best!

Being in the west of Ireland is a unique experience, and Westmeath is no exception. There’s a certain magic to the landscape here that you just don’t find in other parts of the country. From the rolling hills to the serene lakes, Westmeath is a feast for the eyes.

But it’s not just the scenery that makes being in the west so special – it’s the people too. The west is known for its friendly, welcoming locals, and Westmeath is no exception. Whether you’re chatting to the shopkeeper in Mullingar or enjoying a pint in a pub in Athlone, you’ll quickly feel at home in Westmeath.

Overall, Westmeath might not be the most famous county in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. With its unique location and friendly locals, it’s the perfect place to explore the rest of the country from – and who knows, you might just find that the middle child is the best child after all!

So there you have it – don’t underestimate the power of the middle child. 

Westmeath Woes:

County Westmeath is known for its stunning lakes and rolling hills. But it seems that the peace and tranquility of this idyllic region has been shattered by a fierce rivalry between neighboring towns. The Westmeath Woes have begun!

The Battle Begins

It all started when the town of Mullingar claimed to have the biggest and juiciest apples in the county. Not to be outdone, the residents of Athlone boasted about their delicious strawberries. This friendly banter quickly turned into a heated argument, and before anyone knew it, the two towns were at each other’s throats.

The battle of the fruits soon escalated into a full-blown war, with Mullingar and Athlone gathering their armies and preparing for battle. The rest of the county watched in horror as the two sides clashed, hurling apples and strawberries at each other with reckless abandon. It was clear that this was no longer about produce – this was personal.

Rumbling Rival Regions: Chaos Ensues!

As the rest of Westmeath watched the chaos unfold, tensions between other towns began to rise. The residents of Kinnegad and Kilbeggan, two towns with a long history of animosity, took advantage of the situation and started their own feud. Soon, it seemed like the entire county was at war.

The streets of Westmeath were filled with angry villagers, armed with fruits and vegetables and ready to fight for their town’s honor. The sound of splattering produce echoed through the countryside as tomatoes, potatoes, and even pumpkins were hurled through the air.

In the end, it’s hard to say who won the Westmeath Woes. The towns eventually grew tired of fighting and returned to their peaceful ways, but the rivalry between them remains strong to this day.

While the Westmeath Woes may seem like a silly and trivial matter, it’s a reminder that even the smallest things can spark a fierce competition. Hopefully, the people of Westmeath will learn to appreciate their differences and find a way to coexist peacefully. Or at the very least, they’ll keep the produce throwing to a minimum.


County Westmeath Most common names:

(Mc)Geoghegan, O’Growney, Brennan, O’Coffey, O’Mulleady, O’Malone, O’Daly, McAuley, McCormack.

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