Vikings, Saints, and Shenanigans: County Wicklow’s Whimsical Past!

by | 12 Apr, 2023 | County History

Unveiling the Playful History of County Wicklow

County Wicklow, located in the east of Ireland, is a county steeped in rich history, mythology, and folklore. With its stunning green landscapes and picturesque coastal towns, it’s easy to feel enchanted by the whimsical atmosphere of this county. Let’s take a closer look at the playful history of County Wicklow.

From Viking Raids to Saintly Tales: Wicklow’s Whimsical Past

The Vikings were known for their fierce raids and pillaging throughout Europe. County Wicklow was not immune to their attacks. The Vikings arrived in Wicklow in the ninth century, and their influence can still be seen today in the county’s many place names, such as ‘Viking’s Bay’ and ‘Viking’s Rock.’ However, the Vikings were not the only ones to leave their mark on Wicklow’s history.

The county is also home to many stories of saints and their miracles. Saint Kevin, for example, is said to have lived in the Glendalough Valley and is credited with founding a monastic settlement there. Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is also believed to have passed through the county during his missionary journeys. These saintly tales have been passed down through generations, and they continue to enchant visitors to this day.

Wicklow’s playful past is not limited to its Viking and saintly tales. The county is also home to many shenanigans, both past and present. In the early 20th century, for example, the small village of Kilcoole was the site of a notorious bank robbery that captured the attention of the nation. Today, Wicklow’s playful spirit can still be seen in the many festivals and events that take place throughout the year, such as the Wicklow Arts Festival and the Bray Air Display.

County Wicklow’s playful history is a testament to the county’s enduring charm and character. Whether you’re interested in Vikings, saints, or shenanigans, there’s something for everyone in this magical county. So why not take a step back in time and explore the whimsical past of County Wicklow? Who knows what playful tales you’ll uncover.

Common Surnames in Wicklow: 

Quinn, Moore, Bethel, Farrar, Rice, Duffy, Byrne, O’Neill, Hannigan, Murray, Powers

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