Tipperary: More Than Just a Well!

by | 13 Apr, 2023 | County History

Tipperary is often associated with the famous song “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” and the well-known phrase “It’s a long way from Tipperary to here.” But there’s more to this county than just a well! From historical landmarks to lively pubs, Tipperary is filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Tipperary: Not Just a Well

Yes, Tipperary has a well. And a very important one at that. The Tipperary Well was believed to have healing powers and was visited by people from all over Ireland. But Tipperary is not just about the well. There’s so much more to see and explore. From the stunning Rock of Cashel to the picturesque Glen of Aherlow, Tipperary is a county full of surprises.

And let’s not forget about the food! Tipperary is known for its delicious local produce, including cheese, beef, and craft beer. So, whether you’re looking to explore historical landmarks or indulge in some tasty treats, Tipperary has something for everyone.

From History to Craic – Tipperary’s Hidden Gems

When it comes to history, Tipperary has plenty of stories to tell. The Rock of Cashel, a medieval fortress with stunning views and a rich history, is a must-see. And if you’re interested in military history, the Irish Military Museum in Clonmel is the place to go.

But Tipperary isn’t just about the past. The county is also famous for its “craic” (fun) and lively pubs. The famous Hayes’ Bar in Thurles is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, with traditional music and a warm atmosphere. And if you’re looking for something a bit different, why not try a pint of craft beer at the White Gypsy Brewery in Templemore?

From hurling heroes to banshees, it’s a wild ride!

Let’s start with the one that everyone knows: the story of the Golden Goal. It’s 1984, and Tipperary are taking on their arch-rivals Cork in the All-Ireland Final. The game is tied, and it’s all down to the final minutes. Suddenly, the ball falls to Tipperary’s Nicky English, who sends it soaring over the bar and into the hearts of every Tipp fan. Legend has it that the goal was so beautiful, the crowd went silent for a moment before erupting into cheers. It’s a moment that has gone down in history as one of the greatest in GAA.

Get Your Folk On: Uncover Cashel’s Craziest Legends!

Cashel is home to some of the craziest legends in all of Ireland. One of the most famous is the legend of the Rock of Cashel. According to the story, the devil himself took a bite out of the mountain that would become the Rock of Cashel. The bite created a large gap in the mountain, and the devil was so angry that he spat out the rock, which landed in Cashel. Today, the Rock of Cashel is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can still see the gap that the devil left behind.

Another crazy legend from Cashel is the story of the banshee. The banshee is said to be a female spirit who wails and screams when someone is about to die. Legend has it that the banshee appears as a hooded figure with long, flowing hair. If you hear the banshee’s cry, it means that someone in your family is about to die. So if you’re walking through the streets of Cashel and hear a wailing noise, be sure to keep your loved ones close!

From Banshees to Brehons: The Wildest Tales of Tipperary!

Cashel isn’t the only place in Tipperary with wild stories. The entire county is full of folklore that will make your head spin. One of the most fascinating legends is the story of the Brehon Law. The Brehon Law was a set of laws that governed Ireland before the arrival of the English. The laws were so complex that only a select few were able to understand them. In fact, it was said that the Brehons had to study for seven years before they could become experts in the law.

County Tipperary Most common names:

The chief surnames of North Tipperary include Ryan, O’Brien, Kennedy, O’Meara, Maher/Meagher, Burke, Gleeson, Carroll, Hogan and Kelly.

The chief surnames found in South Tipperary include Ryan, Dwyer, Maher, Brien, Hayes, Quirke, Treacy, Meara, Macken, Maloney, Lonergan.

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