You’ll notice throughout the site Irish Language incorporated in titles and descriptions. Not all Irish phrases and words can be translated into exact English terms just as not all English language can be translated to Irish. Phrases and pronunciations may also vary by region.

To get started, here are some useful phrases and meanings

Gaeilge (Irish Language)


Tá cúpla focal agam! (I have a few words!)

Tah coop-lah fuh-kell ah-gum

(Note: Yes, “focal” sounds like an English curse word, I’ve done my best to break down the phonetics politely)

Fáilte (Welcome)


Sláinte (Cheers, Good health)


And of course, the reason you are here



What is craic? The simple answer is “fun” but it’s more of an enjoyable experience with others such as a conversation, a bit of gossip, the latest news, etc.

Beidh ceol, caint agus craic againn (We’ll have music, chat and craic)

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