County Ros Comáin (Roscommon) Tartan Placemat

Add a touch of elegance to your dining table with the County Ros Comáin (Roscommon) Tartan Placemat. Made from 100% cotton, this durable and versatile placemat celebrates the rich heritage of Roscommon.

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*Sold individually, this is not a set*

Introducing the County Ros Comáin (Roscommon) Tartan Placemat, a delightful addition to your dining experience. Crafted with a deep appreciation for family traditions, this elegant placemat embodies the essence of Roscommon's rich heritage.

Constructed from 100% cotton, these placemats are both durable and versatile, making them suitable for formal occasions or daily use. Their one-sided print showcases the intricate County Roscommon Tartan design, celebrating the region's distinctive culture.

Each placemat measures a generous 18" × 14" (45.72cm x 35.56cm), ensuring ample space for your dining essentials while adding a touch of sophistication to your table setting. Thanks to their exceptional quality, these placemats are resilient, easy to clean, and fade-resistant, promising longevity in your family's collection.

Embrace the spirit of County Roscommon and its cherished traditions with the County Ros Comáin Tartan Placemat. Elevate your dining experience and create lasting memories with this elegant addition to your table setting.

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18" × 14"
Width, in 18.00
Length, in 14.00
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