County Maigh Eo (Mayo) Tartan Christmas Stocking

Infuse your holiday decor with Irish warmth and tradition with our “County Maigh Eo (Mayo) Tartan Christmas Stocking.” Made from durable polyester faux suede, it features the County Maigh Eo Tartan, “Nollaig Shona” words, and an adorable shamrock. Hang this festive stocking to honor Irish holiday traditions.

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Introducing "The County Maigh Eo (Mayo) Tartan Christmas Stocking"
Add a touch of Irish warmth and tradition to your holiday decor with our exclusive "County Maigh Eo (Mayo) Tartan Christmas Stocking." This limited edition stocking is meticulously created at the time of your order, and it's designed to infuse your festive season with the spirit of County Maigh Eo (Mayo) in Ireland.
Each stocking proudly showcases the County Maigh Eo (Mayo) Tartan, a pattern that reflects the rich heritage and unique character of this Irish county. Emblazoned with the Gaeilge words "Nollaig Shona," which translate to "Happy Christmas," it radiates the genuine Irish sentiment of the season. To add a playful and festive touch, you'll find an adorable shamrock wearing a "Santy" hat, making this stocking a delightful addition to your holiday decorations.
Crafted with durability in mind, this stocking is made from 100% polyester faux suede material, ensuring vivid colors that won't fade with time. With dimensions of 13 inches in width and 19.3 inches in length (33cm × 49cm), this stocking offers ample space to hold a variety of holiday surprises. For your convenience, it comes with a hanging loop, allowing you to effortlessly display it in your home and create a festive focal point.
"The County Maigh Eo (Mayo) Tartan Christmas Stocking" is not only a charming addition to your holiday decor but also a timeless keepsake. Whether you have a personal connection to County Maigh Eo (Mayo) or simply appreciate its culture, this stocking is a perfect way to honour the Irish holiday traditions.
Please note that this exclusive stocking is created and dispatched from the United Kingdom. To ensure a timely arrival for the holiday season, we recommend placing your order early. Embrace the joy of the season and share the warmth of "Nollaig Shona" by hanging this delightful stocking in your home.
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