County Luimneach (Limerick) Tartan Christmas Stocking

Elevate your festive décor with “The County Luimneach (Limerick) Tartan Christmas Stocking.” Adorned with the County Luimneach Tartan and Gaeilge words “Nollaig Shona,” this durable polyester stocking captures the essence of Limerick’s cultural identity. Hang this limited edition keepsake in your home and embrace the allure of County Luimneach this holiday season.

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Introducing "The County Luimneach (Limerick) Tartan Christmas Stocking"

Elevate your festive décor with a touch of Irish elegance by embracing "The County Luimneach (Limerick) Tartan Christmas Stocking." This exclusive stocking is a testament to the rich heritage of County Luimneach (Limerick) and is meticulously created at the time of your purchase, ensuring a unique and personalised touch to your holiday celebrations.

Emblazoned with the County Luimneach (Limerick) Tartan, this stocking captures the essence of the region's identity without the need for plaid. Adorned with the Gaeilge words "Nollaig Shona," meaning "Happy Christmas," it radiates the warm Irish spirit of the season. The stocking is also graced with a delightful shamrock donning a "Santy" hat, adding a touch of playfulness and festive cheer.

Constructed from durable 100% polyester faux suede fabric, this stocking is designed to withstand the test of time, promising vivid colors that won't fade, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for years to come. Measuring a generous 13 inches in width and 19.3 inches in length (33cm × 49cm), this stocking offers ample space to accommodate a variety of holiday surprises. For your convenience, it includes a hanging loop, ensuring a hassle-free display in your home.

"The County Luimneach (Limerick) Tartan Christmas Stocking" is not merely a decoration but a timeless keepsake, celebrating the cultural heritage of County Luimneach. As a limited edition creation, it is produced and shipped from the United Kingdom. To ensure a timely delivery for the holiday season, we recommend placing your order well in advance.

Elevate your Christmas traditions with the allure of County Luimneach (Limerick) and the heartwarming sentiment of "Nollaig Shona" by featuring this exquisite stocking in your home. Make this holiday season truly special by adding a touch of Limerick's heritage to your festivities.

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