An Craic a Bhaint Le Cairde & Teaghlach (Having Fun With Friends & Family)

by | 29 Aug, 2022 | Cúpla Focail (Irish Words and Phrases)

Pionta Beor – A pint of beer (Pee-un-ta beeyor)

Gloine Uisce – A glass of water (Glin-eh ish-kay)

Gloine Fuisce – A glass of whiskey (Glin-eh f-wish-kay)

Airgead – money (ari-gid)

Leithreas – Toilet (Leh-hris)

Cupán Tae – A cup of tea (Cup-awn tay)

Cupán Caife – A cup of coffee (Cup-awn Caff-ay)

Bainne – Milk (Bon-ye)

Siúcra – Sugar (shoe-kra)

Bia – Food (Be-ah)

Tá ocras orm – I’m hungry (Taw uk-rass ur-um)

And of course:

Sláinte! – Cheers/Good Health (Slawn-chuh)

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