Deck the Halls and Stock the Cupboard: An Irish Christmas Celebration!

by | 3 Dec, 2022 | Cúpla Focail (Irish Words and Phrases)

Christmas is a time of wonder and joy, and nowhere is this more true than in Ireland. The Emerald Isle is steeped in Christmas traditions, from the lighting of the Christmas candle to the display of the crib.

Tis the Season: Irish Christmas Traditions

Ireland is a country rich in Christmas traditions. One of the most important is the lighting of the Christmas candle. This is done on Christmas Eve, and it is said to symbolize the light of Christ coming into the world. Another tradition is the display of the crib, which is a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Children in Ireland also believe in the “Little People,” or fairies, who are said to come out at Christmas time and leave gifts for children who are good.

Another Irish Christmas tradition is the “Wren Boys.” On St. Stephen’s Day, December 26th, groups of boys go from house to house carrying a wren on a stick. They sing and dance in exchange for donations of food or money. This tradition dates back to the time when the wren was hunted and killed on St. Stephen’s Day and was carried from house to house as a symbol of victory.


A Culinary Journey: Delicious Irish Christmas Foods

No Irish Christmas celebration would be complete without food. One of the most popular dishes is roast turkey and ham, served with stuffing, potatoes, and vegetables. Another traditional Christmas food is mince pies, made with sweet mincemeat and pastry. Christmas pudding is also a must-have, made with dried fruits and spices and served with brandy butter or custard. And of course, there’s the famous Irish whiskey, which is enjoyed in many forms during the holiday season.


Joy to the World: Celebrating Christmas the Irish Way

The Irish are known for their love of music and storytelling, and Christmas is no exception. Traditional Irish music can be heard in pubs and homes throughout the holiday season, and there are often Christmas concerts and carol services. Another popular activity is the “12 Pubs of Christmas,” where groups of friends dress up in festive outfits and visit 12 different pubs, having a drink in each one.

But perhaps the most important aspect of celebrating Christmas the Irish way is spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s attending Mass together, sharing a meal, or gathering around the fire, the Irish know how to make the most of the holiday season.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the world of Irish Christmas traditions. From the lighting of the Christmas candle to the music and food, the Irish know how to celebrate in style.


Cúpla focal Gaeilge faoin Nollaig (A few Irish Christmas words)


A toast to us all: Go mbeirimid beo ag an am seo arís! May we all be alive this time next year!

(pronounced guh meh-rim-eed be-o egg un am shuh ar-eesh)


Nollaig shona duit (Happy Christmas to you (singular) Null-ig hunna gwitch

Nollaig shona daoibh (Happy Christmas to all)  Null-ig hunna jeev

Crann Nollaig (Christmas Tree) Crown null-ig

Daidí na Nollag (Father Christmas/Santy!)  Daddy nah null-ig

Bronntanas (Gifts) Brunn-tah-niss

Maisigh (Decorate)  Moshee 

Sneachta (Snow)  Shnock-tah

Fear Sneachta (Snowman) Far shnock-tah 

Teaghlach (Family) Ty-lock 

Geansaí na Nollaig (Christmas jumper/sweater) Gan-zee na null-ig 

Sweets/ Candy – Milseáin – Mil-shawn 

Turcaí (Turkey) Turkey

Cóisir na Nollag (Christmas party) Kosher nah null-ig


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